Monday, January 16, 2017

Seafood - Fresh, Nutritious and Healthy

Nowadays, there are so much food choices that we have once we step out of our houses and we mean anytime, anywhere. There are tons of restaurants waiting for you to dine-in or there are millions of fast food chains serving delicious burgers and fries. Some restaurants serve complete meals that could really beef up your stomach and anywhere you look, you would not miss a spot where a restaurant stands.

People who love food differ in the way they choose their food. Some choose to be vegans and some choose to be meat-lovers who likes to eat beef, chicken, pork or any meat available in the market because of the protein they can get with meat. Some are just individuals that balance their meals with vegetables and meat altogether.

But did you know that there are also people that love seafood? Yes, seafood! As we all know, seafood has many nutritional benefits because it is a good source protein, vitamins and minerals. Seafood also is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids that helps our body become stronger and healthier. Seafood has also been linked to providing many other health benefits like lowering the signs of arthritis.

Studies have shown that eating fish a couple of times per week can fight inflammation and help relieve stiffness. Another benefit of eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids and similar acids is that they are believed to provide great mental health benefits as well. By eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids, it is said that this can help slow the development of Alzheimer's disease and even help those who suffer from depression.

Today, luckily, we do not have to go to the sea by ourselves and catch some fish or seafood, there are lots of seafood markets out there to choose from. No matter what seafood you eat, you will never regret the taste, the nutritional benefits and the freshness of the food in seafood restaurants out there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rainbow Crustacean: How to Make Rainbow Food?

Social media users are casting their "likes" for photos of exotic lobsters in an online contest that has a multitude of multicoloured, oversized and extra-limbed critters clawing to be crowned the craziest crustacean.

An auto dealer based in south west Nova Scotia put out an open contact its Facebook page previously this month for photos from interesting catches as a gesture for nearby lobster fishers. According to the CBC, the photo he snapped is now apparently the leading favourite in a "Craziest Crustacean" photo contest that's being held by a car dealership in Nova Scotia.

The lobster that produces the very most likes as through Jan. 3 will gain the title of “craziest” and the first-prize professional photographer will receive a $500 gift card to a local area business from his or her picking. "Catching any four-eyed three-clawed polk-a-dotted lobsters this season?" asks Murray GM Yarmouth & Barrington's "Craziest LobsterContest."

The rainbow lobster, which has also earned the nickname of "The Technicolor Dream Lobster”, was found off the shore of St. Mary’s Bay.  A lobster with crazy metallic rainbow accents in its shell. There are a lot of species in the lobster family that projects very different styles and patterns but this one is very different and kind of new to the eyes.

It was only after Graham got home and saw the picture that he took that he realized how unusual this lobster was -- primarily purple with iridescent streaks of white, yellow and blue. It's the photo of this critter that's currently leading in the photo contest, with hundreds of Facebook likes.

But how about not really catching anything and you just wanted to imitate this Lobster Crazy Color pattern for any food? This will add excitement to kids and even unique parties to entice your visitors.

You’ll need the following:

  •       colored gelatin or gelatin mixed with food color of your choice
  •       food or edible glitters or shimmer
  •       brushes

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The ingredients and how to really put it together is explained in this little video. We are not going to explain much but you’ll get the gist when you see it.